Totally over my ex but don't seem to love again?

So far i've fallen in love with only one person. I loved him for five years and we dated last year and it lasted one month. When i broke up with him, we kinda drifted apart for about 2 weeks and later on, we came back together. We were doing things we used to do before (just cuddling) and we were very close but we weren't officially dating and i never kissed or had sex with him. So last summer, we stopped texting and calling eachother and everything ended just like that. It took me months to get over him because I loved him so much, he was my heartbeat, the love of my life and the person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with but as I'm writing this, it's like i never fell in love with him, everything i felt is gone and our friendship is also gone and i'm totally okay with that. Our break up wasn't very bad. But the problem now is that i don't seem to love any guy. I've come across two other guys which i thought i felt for but i later realised it was a mere obsession and i feel nothing for them. 2 other guys asked me out recently but i turned them down. I met one of them under the rain yesterday and he was tellin me how he loved me and how i mean the world to me, i know that's suppose to be romantic but i felt nothing and still said no. What could be wrong with me? I want to love real hard and be loved too. Could it be that I've involuntarily built a high wall around my heart such that no guy can come in?


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  • It's possible. I'm very much like you after a serious relationship and painful break up with a guy I thought was the one and totally opened my heart to. I've been on dates, but on my last date, I saw my ex and I came home and cried. It made me think that I wasn't ready and no guy would ever compare to our relationship. Now I feel like I don't ever want to date and I'm happy to just be alone if it means avoiding pain or dating someone who isn't bringing me the happiness my ex did. It's a painful way to feel or be but sometimes, that's what our brains do to protect us. It could take us years to fully date again. It's always possible I guess to go back to how you were but it would happen with time and with some work.


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