British man, confused, need help?

I was dating a British man for 20 days. He invited me to go to a pub. We always enjoyed. And I said I can't come. I havr lots of works to do today. He blocked me. I did not wanted to break him intentionally. I tried to contact him but hejust ignored me. Why did he behavr like this? Do u think he calls me again?


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  • Apparently your Brit had a broken nose to boot, @Desperate_ and perhaps felt you were putting him Deliberately on your pay no mind list with No tea with thee, let's say.
    I have found that with dating foreign guys and even being married to a man I still have out in Egypt, they tend to be a but thin skinned when it comes to a date mate or even in a Real Relationship. It's their great glass they have acquired and their hearts of gold, young and old, that is why I enjoy them as I do, finding them a Might more in store for me.
    He may have had some mixed feelings that you were blowing him off. All you can do is either hope he comes back, having gotten over his hissy fit or move on to some Other Gent of this nicer nature.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for your answer. It seems he will never come back. I texted him 3 times. First, I explained why I didn't go. Second, I invited him to go somewhere. Third, it was like an emotional farewell but he ignored me :(( feel myself so sad.

    • So welcome, sweetie.. As hurt and distraught that you are, tis better to Know Now, then down the love line, Living with him even, and to have found out what sort of stuffed shirt he really was. You deserve better than to be with someone who is so super thin skinned you have to walk on egg shells at the drop of a hat. xxoo

    • Thank you for the upvote, @Desperate_ :)) xxoo

  • His behavior is atypical.
    I know you developed a bond with him in that short time , but if someone is able to block /cut me off without explanation it leads me to believe they are hiding something. He sounds like a shady individual. I wouldn't bet on him contacting you again.
    If he did... there's nothing he can say that can excuse his behavior.

    • My sentences were I dont know whether I can come. ı have lots of works to do today. Than he said maybe anotherday than blocked :(
      Maybe he thought I refused him. Do you think I made mistake? Thank u for answer

    • You're welcome. I don't understand his reaction. It doesn't seem normal at all.
      Because I don't get it... I can't explain it. It had no reason to block you.
      I don't think you did anything wrong

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