Need an advice regarding my BOYFRIEND and his EX-WIFE?

Need an advice. I accidentally saw an email of my boyfriend's ex wife regarding papers to be signed for their property settlement when I was using his computer. He mentioned to me that day that he needs to see his lawyer for some documents but not really elaborating what for. After few days I ask what's the documents for and he didn't tell me the truth he said it's about the papers about work. I wonder why he didn't tell me about the property settlement the mere fact that I know him and his ex wife are now divorced. Just concerned why he is not telling that to me. Any thoughts?


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  • Because to be honest it's none of your business. Divorce is long, tired, tedious unsatisfying process. And it's something he has to kinda do alone and on his own. I'm sure he will tell you later on as time passes.

    • thank you, being with him for 3 years do you think i deserve to know those kinds of things?

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  • Many times, manjy men keep things of this nature their own Business and don't want to discuss it unless they feel you have the right to know.
    I feel that although you may be in this Relationship, it is all about Something that doesn't pertain to your own Relationship and More in store that he is handling in A... Life he used to have with an Ex.
    Don't over think it. Don't feel insulted. His past is own deal and being a raw deal, this is just something he wants to put to bed and Fast.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Maybe he just thought it is not your business at this time. It seems a bit strange he would lie to you, but.. all you can do is ask him about it.

  • Maybe it's about a lot of money and didn't want you to kow about it


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  • Some people are private concerning certain things.
    It doesn't mean he doesn't trust you... it just means that he would have rather kept that matter to himself.

    How long have you both been dating?
    If recent, the fact that your relationship is somewhat new could be a reason why.
    Time isn't significant enough for him to want to tell you certain details about his life.

    • Through other comments, I see that you've been together for 3 years. Well... like I said, "Some people are private on certain matters and some aren't. The fact that you've been dating so long, I would think he would disclose that information to you. But being together with someone for a significant amount of time doesn't mean they are obligated to. He probably wanted to be private on the manner for obvious reasons.
      It has nothing to do with his lack of trust for you.
      It's the fact that nothing in life is guaranteed.
      He thought that woman would be his forever... now that relationship has ended.
      He probably feels that way about you as well...(but how does he know it will last?)
      When he gets to the point where he is almost certain he'd probably tell you.

    • Thank you Stacyzee. So far your answer has been the most logical and heartfelt one. I know some just answer bluntly. We are dating for 3 years now and actually we are not in the point yet of talking whats the next steps in terms of long term plan. I know he loves me maybe he is not yet ready to settle down after his failed first marriage. Cheers to you hun xxx

    • You're welcome. That is your answer. <3 Don't feel bad about this... it's understandable. He'll come around with time if you choose to stay together and have a long term future together.
      I've been with my guy for 9 years... and I still find things out.
      Best wishes!

  • It's none of your damn business, that's why lol

    That's HIS relationship with HER. You have no part of that. Just let him handle it.


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