What should I do with my ex-girlfriend? Stop talking to her or think of a future with her?

We lived together for a year and a half and then she suddenly moved out because she thought it wasn't up to par. It is now over a year since we broke up and in that time she had a baby with another man, I'm 22 years old and she is 20 by the way. I truly do love this girl and want nothing but the best for her. But, she has some issues she needs to work out in her head and she can't seem to stop taking pills and drinking to get away from her problems. I try to help her in giving advise as much as I can, however she doesn't take the advise until it is too late. Which really p*sses me off because she asks for the advise and doesn't take it! I am off in college becoming an Electrical Engineer at the University of Iowa and she is back in my home town, with her baby, living with her adoptive parents, trying to get back in tune with her life. She has broken up with her baby daddy and calls me on a regular basis. When I go back home for breaks from college, we are together every second we can be. The only problem is when I come back to college is back to doing her retarded sh*t, like putting herself in bad situations, drinking a lot, taking pills, and hanging out with retarded people. Is this worth my time? I really would like to walk away but it is very hard because I love her dearly.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm a girl, and would never expect a guy to stick around from me while I was acting like that.

    She can only help herself.

    She has to make the choice.

    Don't like her hold you back or drag you down.

    I don't mean to sound heartless, but you got to worry about you,

    and take care of you. You've done all you really can. She isn't

    you're responsibility.


What Guys Said 1

  • One thing... You can't let someone upset you because they don't want to take your advice...

    You only have one life to live, and although it maybe sound advice, you must remember that its their decision.

    As far as the EX goes, I would tell you to keep looking forward.

    Not saying you shouldn't stay friends because you should.

    I just think your her scap-goat... if that makes any sense.

    Your only a convience to her... Who else will do the things you do for her?

    I already am an Electrical Engineer...

    Cool right?

    Make sure that's something you enjoy doing, and good luck...


    A Loving Black Man


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