Will he come back once again?

My ex boyfriend and I dated for 8 months until he dumped me, he ended up coming back a couple months later and begging for another chance. I have it to him and we dated for another 5 months until he left again. He came back a 3rd time begging me to forgive him and of course I did. Recently he just left again for the 3RD TIME. I never did anything to hurt him I have always treated him good. We were each other's first kiss and everything sexual from that point on as well. I spoiled him more than he spoiled me I did absolutely anything in my power to make sure he was always happy. Either way, I still wasn't enough to make him stay. I'd like some opinions on if you think he will try to come back for a 4th time? I'm not saying I will let him back in, there are other reasons I want to know. Please leave your opinion of what you think he will do and whether he will come back or if he's gone for good. Thank you!
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  • He will keep coming back. Your gullible and you spoil him whenever he is around. He probably feels like a king. He doesn't deserve it from you. But I'm sure he will come back around.


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  • Mine came back more than 10 times LOL so why not

  • Of course he will.


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