I have no clue how to label what I feel, and no clue on what to do.. Can anyone give me advice?

I was dating the most amazing guy I have ever imagined, he was the first guy I felt that I was actually making a connection with on such a different scale.. you know that moment when even just sitting in silence next to eachother was the best feelinging in the world, I never could say that i loved him because the word itself scared me but i couldnt describe the way i felt it was everything i wanted.. but when we broke up i was devisitated, but we still talk a lot and it always is mixed signals from him.. Most days we are both flirty as can be and others we are distant, i dont know if i should tell him what i feel... In two weeks we are going camping with my battalion, the exact place where we started dating.. Im so confused on whether to say anything..


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  • why break up?

    • there were two reasons , we are both in jrotc and the people in charge kept telling us things all the time... and two because i dont think im flirting with people in all honesty but he would always say i was... and well he told me that i didn't need him in my life is i had all these other people to flirt with.. but i was always just trying to be kind to people and would always stand my ground, he was my pride and joy i would always say that to everyone... but i always felt that there was more to it..

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  • Silence is Now golden, says the golden goose that laid the raw egg, @detectivelj for you both are No longer a date mate, and from where I am sitting, I see a relationship that still just might have achance with romance to be nursed and nurtured.
    He is still in your life and although he may not have wanted to be hooked at the hip like two birds of a feather, he is showing some sure signs of taking it slow with his flow and who knows...
    Go on the trip, be friendly, have fun, still be a bit 'Flirty' without over doing it, don't over think anything and just let Old Mother Nature be the answer to a seed that has already been Once planted, perhaps even in time... Reaped with romance.
    Even if he ends up to be a friend till the end, it's still something special but just Best... with no nest.
    Good luck. xx


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