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Anyways long story short he'd usually walk with me in school. We were fine until school started and now he's walking with other girls and mostly one. We have a class together and he usually sits in front of me but he moved to the table next to me but still looks at and watches me. My friends told me about him walking with and hugging a girl but i didn't really care because i was getting sick of him being immature. Two days ago he texted me and said he liked my drawing in art and i thanked him and asked him about the girl but they're friends and he asked me about some girl because she told him that me and her talk about him and he wanted to know what we would say. Yesterday i let him know that im not threatened or mad over anything and today he was mad at me and didn't speak, and even went out of his way to make sure i saw him walking with the girl to the buses. He's never walked me to the buses but why is he acting like this? I told him part of my mind and he's acting mad and hurt. Im kinda over him but i do miss him.


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  • It seems it is over and time to move on. I am sorry.


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  • He is still wet behind the ears in years here, dear, you have openly admitted he is 'Immature' and you have had it. He isn't ready nor raring to be go steady with any betty and with you acting the way you did to give him this cold shoulder, he found you a Chase, even a Challenge at that given moment in time.
    He still likes you, wants you to be part of his Crowd pleasers but with you saying what you did, which you had every right to set him and the record straight, he now is having a Hissy fit and is putting you on hi spay no mind list.
    Let things go for now. Give him room to get over himself. He most likely will be back but keep your guard up, don't let your hair down around him too much... He wants his sweet cake and eat it to with You and other care bears.
    Good luck. xx


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