Need advice quick! getting back together with ex?

My ex asked to get back together but it was a couple months till we would be able to see each other so i said to be friends for now and we agreed to meet up as soon as we were both back. but he took it as i wanted nothing more and we were done and i was only interested in being just friends. I didn't know he had taken it this way until yesterday which was when i got back, so i messaged him to organise meeting up to clear things up and he agreed to meet me tonight. I have now just found out he started dating another girl last week. He thought i wanted nothing to do with him so thats why he started moving on but i don't know why he wants to meet up with me now? he said we needed to talk, but before i knew about the other girl i thought it was to get back together and now i dont know. I really want us to get back together but i don't know what to do, I really need some advice


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  • Tell him that you still wanted to be with him but he took it the wrong way, he needs to know. He is probably just with that girl because he maybe wants to feel needed.

  • Tell him. :)


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