Ex boyfriend keeps calling me, what should I do?

He just wants to hang out, but I want him to want me back.
  • Tell him I am seeing someone
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  • Ignore him
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  • Actually, if you want him to want you back don't ignore him for long otherwise it can back fire.


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  • C): Play hard ball and e that juiciest apple up at the top of the tree.
    He may be Missing the Kissing and the His and Her History you both shared but that doesn't necessarily means he wants you back in his court again as a cozy couple. He may want to 'Hang out' because he wants to get Comfy and rekindle a little romance down the love lane.
    However, playing hard ball and all, will at least show him you are no easy catch now. You may have told him what you really want and if he doesn't want to play, tell him friends with benefits isn't on the table.
    Many times when two people Breakup, they may Makeup but there is most of the time a motive in mind when the Other doesn't want to hooked at the hip but instead Be... Free and friendly.
    Good luck. xx


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  • only say you are seeing someone if that's the truth. And don't ignore him.

  • He already does want you back.
    Ignore him a couple more times then pick up when he calls u


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