I use to like a guy friend of mine, he's with someone else now. my feelings are hurt, *long story* Am I wrong 'for not wanting to hangout wit them?


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  • Not really, it is fine if you don't want to hangout with them.


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  • Not at all, @tasten_honey. You are smart enough to know That: Two is company and threee is a crowd and this little twosome is not a crowd Pleaser, just A... Teaser.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks so much, I really needed to hear this, I'm hoping when I get over my feelings I could be able him choosing everybody else but me. , I'm sure he thinks I'm being immature by ignoring most of his texts and calls, not all but enough where maybe he's questioning it, anyhoot I just need time to heal, and if I'm right why I feel guilty

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    • You are so welcome, and as much pain you feel now, someday when someone is worth coming along who is better, you will finally find love and peace. xxoo

    • Thank you, @tasten_honey, for the upvote.:)) xxoo

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  • not really, if it hurts you too be with them. But if you suddenly seem really distance or just dropp him as a friend. you should tell him why.

    • No, I think telling him that I have feelings for him and he chooses to be with her, it'll just make things awkward. Truth is he knows kinda it's just unspoken. I don't believe anything I could say will change his mind I've given him plenty of opportunity. I even settled for a friendship even at the time I really wanted more... It's just now it's all becoming too damn much

    • @Asker okay if he somehow know about you feeling. I think he understand if you take a bit of personal time away from him. But if he is a good friend. then I would not take to long or you risk losing him as one.

  • Don't bother. You did the right thing.


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