My ex still has a couple of things of mine, what should I do?

She still has a couple of things of mine and I still have a couple things of hers. What should I do?


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  • Contact her as to When it Might be a good time down the line to Get what is Yours and give Back what is Hers.
    If you don't feel it is best at this time to see one another, then make arrangements with her in leaving them with someone you both know or On a front porch when she is not home.
    If you do decide you do want to see her for these possessions, then maybe it is a sign where it is time to talk about more than These... Prize possessions.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Just throw away or burn her stuff. And just don't care about what she does with your stuff.


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  • Either forget about them or ask for them back. Just b nice about it so there's no drama...

  • Give her a text or if you see her and tell her you have some of her things you want to give back to her and hope she agrees and says she has some of your things. I gave my boyfriend's stuff to his best friend and he just gave it to him.

    • Her best friend hates me

    • Then text her and politely ask her how you guys want to exchange each others' things.

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