Is he cheating?

my boyfriend has got my name tattooed on his RIGHT ARM bicep area a year ago . Well on his RIGHT ARM in NOT his hand writing under my name, in girly hand writing reads "is a bitch <3 :)". his excuse was He wrote it perfectly with his left hand (that he can barely write with) that I was a bitch with a heart smiley face. I don't believe that. What's up? is he cheating? many problems here, why was a girl that close to my boy, and why is he letting her write BULL SHIT on him .

BTW when I saw this in his arm he RAN to wash it off and said that he wrote it. I don't believe this AT ALL.


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  • okay. well I think ur boy probably was hangin out with his and friends and there was another girl there and tht girl liked him nd of course flirted with him. and at the moment he probably didn't really thinkin if something would hurt you or not. and maybe to his friends are a bitch and they said tht and they could have hooked up ur man nd tht random girl.


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  • U guys are fools, foolish things happened to foolish ppl

  • If he's not cheating, he was flirting with a girl pretty hard. That is completely inappropriate for him to be flirting like that with a girl and to let her disrespect you like that. That is not okay. Don't be surprised if/when you catch this dude cheating. He was wrong for letting a girl call you a bitch like that and not even defend you.


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