I had a reaction to a new sleeping medication-acted out-and my ex called the police?

My ex and I have been taking things slow again. The last few weeks I haven't felt like myself and my Mom said I haven't been acting like myself. I'll forget things people tell me and make them tell me over and over again. I'll forget what I was talking about. I'll feel very confusing and extremely emotional. At the beginning of our reltionship my ex messaged a girl and invited her over. Nothing came from it but I did find out about it and it lead to later issues in our relationship. We broke up and reunited. I went on facebook and see he is now her friend. I felt furious more so than ever. I felt he betrayed me based on how much pain that message caused. I took a sleeping pill because I haven't been able to sleep in 3 days. Could only sleep for a 1/2 hour and felt an impulse to go to his apartment quite early and knocked his door. It was very impulsive and not something I would normally do. I told him how hurt I was and he got very upset that I woke him up and showed up without letting him know. He shut the door and I kept knocking. He then called the police where we each told the police officer what was going on. Nothing came from it but I've never acted like this before. I don't know how in the world to explain this to him, if he'll even listen to me, or if I'm even allowed to contact him. What do I do?


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  • Switch pills asap!

    • I'm never taking them again! My Mother had to call him to let him know what was going on because I've never behaved like that before. I was to scared to call. He's going to take some time...

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