How to get over feeling used by ex-girlfriend?

After one year I still feel used by my ex-girlfriend. I helped her a lot during her studies (she studies the same) and now she is doing a phd where I also wanted to do one. I helped her to get in there. We've been together for about 9 month.
She (indian) broke up because her father doesn't want her to date white guys. We got a lot of interests in common and I didn't meet a girl I would prefer to her yet. I also cannot really think about working with her, although I wanted to do my phd there for years...
It feels like she just took a lot of benefits out of our relationship, broke up for reasons outside of our relationship and I didn't get anything out of it / have to deal with the consequences.


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  • You can't really run and hide. If you want your PHD go get it. Don't let a breakup that was a year ago let you get down and start somewhere else. If you had plans before/during/after the relationship that didn't change continue those plans.


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  • Go talk to her father its not her fault


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  • Mate I'm in the same boat. 😔 i wish there would be an easier way of not taking people for granted after broken promises.


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