She ended the relationship? No real reason

I don't understand? We were perfect.

I am the (Or at least was) the only person she has ever loved and she loved me a hell of a lot, she showed that. Our relationship was at a peak over the new year period, all of a sudden she's saying it all has to stop. She just plainly and simply doesn't love me anymore, no real reason, no arguments... she just doesn't feel the love.

She said she would rather tell me straight rather than lie to me and carry on a pointless relationship.

I just can't grasp why? This is more aimed at girls if you know why she's done this, how she could throw a year of building up such a strong bond of relationship and unconditional love and then just kill it all because she doesn't feel it anymore.

I just, don't understand why she did it?

Can I add that I have tried talking with her for hours on end about it, no answers or suggestions to why. I really do think she just "didn't feel the love anymore"


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  • I'm not sure if you are ever going to find the exact answer unless it comes straight from this girl, but my guess is either she just become bored with the relationship, or found someone else. I find that is easy for some people to become bored in long relationships, especially if your young, and sometimes there isn't a way to fix this, sometimes there is. If this is the reason maybe if there is someway to remind her why she fell in love with you, or remind her of the fun you two had she'd realize it was a mistake. Or maybe it will just take herself realizing this with no help. It she does, she'll come around and let you no, but if not . . . then it might be over for good.

    If she did find someone else, there could be around the same possibilities, but if she did ever come back around to you, I'm not sure you would want her back, I wouldn't take someone like that back.


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  • the only possible reason she did it is maybe she found some one else who she thought was much better than you. she didn't want to tell you that she was seeing someone else that's why she made that excuse.


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  • It could be a thousand things. At least she told you without cheating on you. Just try not to say ANYTHING hurtful. It will mean a lot to you as you age. I know it hurts but respect her for doing things in a fair way. Don't take it personal, pick yourself up and continue your life. Try to learn as much from it as possible.


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