How to get over a breakup?

My boyfriend and I recently broke up, we went on a "break" for two days and then he called it off officially. We spent all of our time together and talking to each other, he was like my best friend and he ended it over text and said hurtful things. He says it's because of the problems he's going through but also because he lost affection for my personality over time, even though he said I never did anything in particular to cause the breakup and that I'm not his type.


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  • Time will heal the pain. I know it's cliche but it's the truth. I'm also struggling with a break up and each day it gets better slowly but surely. The quicker you accept it's over and that he's not coming back the better. People who struggle to move on are often still clinging onto false hope and are often still in contact with their ex which is bad. If you decide to get over a break up then it means blocking their numbers, deleting any reminders (photos especially) and focusing all your attention on yourself. It's OK to sometimes cry and have a bad day. You will get them and that's normal. But just know that tomorrow you will pick yourself up and be better. You will meet someone else again and be happy. This guy just wasn't mean to be yours even if you thought he was. There's someone way better and more suitable for you but now you just have to go through this break up to get to that right person.


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  • Begin some kind of intense, rage-based workout routine. Maybe this isn't a good time for yoga. Maybe it's a good time for something new, like kickboxing. Really get some of that negative stuff out.

    Good luck.

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