Would you take back your ex if they did this but you still love them?

So basically my ex and I were together for almost 4 years. I was his first girlfriend and he was so antisocial, he didn't meet ANY new girl during our relationship. He never had a chance to even be tempted or to see a hot chick. I was the only girl he knew (besides his mom and his sister). He was working from home so he was always at home. But he really treated me right, he loved me and I loved him, we never had a fight or anything and our sex was amazing. Then he started collage and all of a sudden there were so many hot chicks in front of him. New people, new life, everything new! And he is a catch, so girls practically throw themself on him. You know how collage is, parties and stuff. Then he dumped me because he wanted to live that crazy life he never experienced before. 2 years later, and now he wants me back. He keeps saying that he needed that in order to grow up. He says he's sorry for hurting me but that he isn't sorry for doing all that crazy stuff because it made him realize that no matter what, I'm the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, that no one compets with me. He wasn't dating at all he just had sex with bunch of girls and partied like maniac, but he never stopped loving me. He says he didn't want to cheat on me and that he got afraid that I'm gonna be the only girl he's ever been with (his words "How was I supposed to know that you are the one if you are the ONLY one I've been with?"). He says that he was stupid and imature, but that he need that mistake. I hate to admit that I still love him. But I can live without him, though. I'm afraid that I might give us a try only because I haven't met anyone else yet. I dated but it wasn't the same. I'm so confused...
Forgot to mention that we were in a LDR. I live close to his town now.


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  • Because if his some what secluded life before, I actually see where he is coming from. His arguments are somewhat valid. I think it is actually healthy to get that "party" phase out of your system. I think not living that phase is one of the reasons for mid-life crisis and/or not being happy later down the road. I also believe he is being sincere about now he knows what he wants, and now he knows you are the best person for him and so on. I think you should give it a chance.


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  • I do believe people can make mistakes. However ""How was I supposed to know that you are the one if you are the ONLY one I've been with?"" is a pretty BS line. You don't need to have sex or be with other women to know that you are in love with someone. That's not how love works. I personally feel like he should just own up and not come up with pathetic excuses. With that said, if he has proven to you he has changed and is done with that chapter in his life then I don't see why you can't go back to him but he'll have to make it up to you big time for what he did. xx


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  • Me? I would certainly allow him to date me but I will be dating others as well.
    Then I would keep an eye on his old habits that of course die hard.
    He's learned so many lines to get chicks in bed, so not me, not yet and he needs to understand it might take a year or so, not to mention a few STD lab checks along the way... it takes awhile for some to show up... in my opinion.
    If I'm really worth it, then A-OK b/c... a true love will wait, even in a LDR if they are soul mates.
    I an others turned down plenty of "beauty kings" throwing themselves at us in collEge, for the sake of the one we loved.
    For the record some of The Ones that sneaked around on us didn't make for long term marriages, even though we were true to them. The longest marriage was less than 10 years, messy w/kids, still messy/uncomfortable @ reunions - marriages, births, et al., although THE forgave themselves, la te da, le te da and blamed it all on other things/people/whatever!

    While dating, make him PAY a lot, jerk his chain with times/dates and never give him sex in direct compensation for what he got and you didn't all those years. Then judge if he's a BS artist or not.


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