When ex's break up with you, do you think they still think of you after the break up?

If you have just gotten out of a relationship in the past few days/weeks... Do you think your ex still thinks of you, if they are the one who broke up with you? Even if when you talk to them they make it seem like they are completely over you, especially if you guys shared a close bond... I think when people get broken up with. they always wonder if their ex is thinking/taking the break up easily or if they are struggling as well but in their own ways.


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  • My ex broke up with me a few weeks ago and no I don't think he thinks about me. I try not to think about things like anyway that because it's pointless. He has moved on and so I have to do the same. Sitting around wondering if I cross his mind only delays me from moving on. Every minute I spend thinking of him is a minute wasted of my life. It gets better with time though.

    • That's true.. it's better off not thinking if they think of you... I mean even couples who get back together... they forget about each other for a few weeks, months and years... and not every couple ends up getting back together

    • @Asker

      Exactly. The amount of couples who do end up getting back together is way too low to even use that as a comfort of some kind. You can't heal if you still think there's a chance of you getting back together. I've fully accepted it's over and that we'll never be together again.

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  • No, they're probably banging someone else pretty quickly.

    • sadly, that's probably true.

    • I've seen it a lot, I work almost exclusively with women and it's kind of putting me off getting another girlfriend. haha

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  • i think they do.

  • Sometimes, it just depends on how their relationships were.


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