Scared of being alone?

I have just come out a 3 year relationship we was engaged, living together and had only just booked our wedding for next year, he also brought my son up as his own and then just abandoned him, he treated me very poorly at the end, 6 weeks after leaving me he had someone new which was plastered all over Facebook, he tried to make me homeless and tried to empty the house of my possesions along with selling my sons car seat on his Facebook page for all to see, I was also 6 weeks pregnant when we split which he knew but then decided to tell everyone it was a lie I ended up having a termination.

I get told all the time I'm a really good looking girl but I'm terrified I will be alone forever, I'm terrified noone will ever love me in the way my ex did, noone will ever be able to accept my little boy or even want me, this is the first Christmas I'm alone and the thought terrifies me.

I just wanted some advice to no it does get better? I feel so lonely at the moment the feeling is horrible..


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  • sorry about thats
    this is life keep changing every second and it's normal
    so nobody gets through life without challenges and disruptions
    just as nobody gets through life without losing someone they love, something they need, or something they thought was meant to be
    But it's these trials that make us stronger and eventually move us toward future opportunities and new life

    Don't be afraid to discover good things about yourself
    because no matter what you have been through, you're still here now
    you may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed but nothing has defeated you
    your story is not over yet

    there are a lot of beautiful things await you and your little boy
    you won't be able to see it unless stripped of negative thoughts from your head

    you're not alone , this just another chapter from your story



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  • "No one will ever love me in the way my ex did"
    If you call his actions love... then what is hate?
    Your ex. pretended to love you.
    You are in love with a man whose love you thought was true for you.
    You are in love with who you "thought" he was.
    You have to realize that it was all an illusion.
    Someone that loves you would never do what he did.

    Right now you're feeling at the bottom.
    It'll take a lot of time to get past the hurt.
    When you do... you will see that
    "No, it isn't the end of the world".
    You have to do things to improve your self esteem.
    You're good looking you say, but you must do things that make the inside feel the same.
    Go out with family and friends.
    Treat yourself to your favorite meal.
    Buy an outfit you love.
    Sing/dance/write if that's what you love to do.
    Never allow another to bring you down to the point where you can't get up again.

    Life is all about having that stumble.
    But what matters the most is how you work on that recovery.
    Work towards getting better.
    It will take time.
    It will be a process.
    But in the end it will be well worth it.


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  • Don't be afraid. There's plenty of single guys who would like to start a relationship with a girl. I am one, for instance, ha ha!


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  • Sounds like he wasn't ready for the commitment and left you hanging for someone else. As far as your worry about any guy accepting your son as your own, in my opinion having children in your age range is considered normal by now so I don't think that would be as big as a problem as long as it's not a loser who can't accept children.

    For Christmas and holidays I would try sticking around family and people who do love and care about you so you don't feel so alone and focus on them and your son and just getting your life back together. I would also work on ceasing contact with the jerky ex of yours if he's pulling all that crap.

    • If he wasn't ready for commitment why has he gone to a girl with another child like mine?

    • Maybe he wasn't ready for the marriage commitment.

  • you won't be alone forever. but its totally normal to feel like that.


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