Will he want me back?

I have been going out with this guy for a couple months now I thought it was going perfect. His mother passed away only 4 months ago so he is still really torn up, which I totally understand! And with the holidays he has had a hard time without his mom. But he came over last night and in the nicest way imaginable he told me he needs a break. He feels bad that he isn't perfect enough for me and needs time to figure things out. We were both crying really badly.. but he told me he loved me and promised that when he's ready he will come back to me. I'm the only one. I called him to come over today becuase I wanted to talk about it a little more, he was over right away and didn't mind at all. But he didn't change his mind. I believe him that he will come back but of course I have my doubts.. Will he keep his promise that he will come back to me? Or will be forget about me :(


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  • did ya get back togeather?

    • Not yet. we have been hanging out almost 3 times every weekd since then. and we just started dating again :)

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