If someone wanted their ex back whether man or woman?

What steps should they take? Obviously nothing is 100 percent set in stone that you'll get the person back, but what suggestions would give you a better chance at getting the person back?


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  • depends on why you broke up. who's idea was it? is it something fixable?

    • I feel it was pretty fixable.. I think along with school/life she started getting stressed out. and then I was making mistakes in the relationship (not cheating though)

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    • That's true.. space is important.. I guess I'm just fearful.. That I won't have her in my life at all anymore... I think she still cares.. since she doesn't usually stay friends with ex's but wanted to be friends with me.. and when we do talk.. we actually have good convos.. but I notice her responding time is well spaced out.. so I'm not sure if she's completely over me, still has feelings, need time to herself, etc.. I guess I'm very confused right now.

    • thast perfectly normal for u to feel that way. just let her know that you support whatever she needs and you'll be there for her no matter what.

  • you should tell them how you feel and not play any games.


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