My ex sent me a message today, and it threw me off guard?

My ex sent me a message today, and it threw me off guard because he was the last person I ever expected a message from... It basically said that he was really sorry and that he wished things didn't end the way they did and that he still loves me. He's planning on stopping by Saturday to drop off some things that I left at his place while we were still going out, but I think he wants to talk to me in person, because I've already told him to just mail them to me and he agreed to do so. I'm not sure, though. What also confused me was that when we broke up, he said that he was fooling himself when he said that he was falling in love with me, and that he really only saw me as a friend and now he's saying that he loves me again...? I'm really very lost... I feel like I'm going crazy because I thought I was doing great in moving on and that I was starting to feel happy again... I was starting to feel like the break up took place such a long time ago, and it didn't hurt me whenever it happened to pop into my mind, but now that he's trying to talk to me again, it feels like the huge hole in my chest opened up again and it's very painful and I don't know if I can reply to his message, let alone face him. I'm scared and nervous and I just feel overwhelmed. I think it would have been better if he just didn't try to contact me at all. Is it normal to feel this way? Any ideas on what to do...?


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  • it's a normal reaction to this since you haven't been broken up that long even..i don't think you should actually meet up with him so soon though because you're still trying to get over this and seeing him again as well as what he said is only gonna make it harder to break away. if you respond you should probably suggest that you'd prefer he not come by and mail your things like you had suggested beforehand


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  • I agree with Dramadaus. If your ex hadn't contacted you, you wouldn't be questioning your feelings right now. He might be having second thoughts, but that doesn't mean you have to feel the same way as him. Seeing him will just make it harder for you to move on. If you do respond to him, don't get into your feelings, just tell him that you would rather he sent your things by mail.


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