I want to message her telling her the truth. Would you?

My ex when we were together. Was sexting at least 3 separate women at the same time.
Exchanging photos etc. 2 of them were exes. P who has a boyfriend and L who is married, 1 girl J he was apparently only seeing briefly for 2 weeks we wern't together last year.

They all knew about me.
I'm really pissed about this girl Jadie in particular as I think it may have been physical with her also.

I am suddenly really pissed off about this again as I made the stupid mistake of snooping on facebook and have seen they are friends again after he blocked her when I found out and he wanted to work it out with me.
I want to message her and tell her she wasn't the only one he was messaging. That he was messaging other women the exact same time as her. He was talking about love with her, he told me he didn't even know why he said those things to her as he didn't mean it. Him and Jadie made a video together he and tried to send it to L the ex who is now married. Thankfully for her it didn't go through.

I want to get back at her. If fact at all of them. It is pure spite.
How can these people do this sort of thing when they are in relationships?

How could Jadie want to be with a man who only spoke to her when it was convinent for him and who brushed her off at the time becuase he wanted to see me?
How could you trust someone like that.

I thought I was getting on alright but suddenly so angry! I want to message her all of this, I even thought about messaging her mum and telling her what sort of a man her darling daughter was going after.



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  • Mind your own business and let it be.
    It's spite/ your emotions talking. He's your ex now, just move foward and concentrate on yourself.
    A year down the road you'll be glad you walked away, why add drama to your life when you don't need to

    • Thanks, good luck moving on, you should easily do better :)

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    • I learnt from experience. Had a similar situation when I was around 20... I bit my tongue and in hindsight the way everything played out I am so glad I never involved myself.
      And I admit, I would of been a little bitch if I did

    • Yes it's better just towalk away quietly! It's getting much easier now. But now and again I feel really bitter about it! I can't wait to get to the time when I don't ever feel like that. It's only been about 3 months since I found out. Si giving myself a break too about feeling that way sometimes!

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  • If you care about her, I would tell her. If she doesn't know, wake her up from that lie :/

    • No I don't like her. I don't care about her. I just want her to know the truth. I just want to get back at her thinking she was special when infact he was trying it on with other women the same time.

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    • Well knowing a man has a girlfriend is a pretty good indicator of who they are is it not?
      She knew about me the whooollle time. She just doesn't know that she wasn't the only woman being sexted and sending photos while he was with me.

    • Can I add I saw messages with them talking about meeting up sometime. He said he was busy seeing me. And she went on to say it was so hard and she wanted him all to herself! So yeah, she knew he wasn't single. Plus the fact all over his facebook photos and check in of us haha

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  • i think you should!


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