What is my ex playing at?

Me and my ex split up at the end of June. I ended it because I had some other crap going on and felt that I wasn't ready for a relationship. 2 months go by and I sent her a message at the beginning of the Sept month. I kept it short asking how she was doing etc. She was very cold with her answers and took about an hour or so to get back to me so I took that as she was over it between us and had moved on. I thought fair enough I've pretty much done the same and moved on as well so arranged a date for tonight. I put it up on Facebook 'date night'. 1st date I've had in 2 months. She likes it but then proceeds to rant about remembering what was said and saying jog on and she is happier now. I don't know what gives. I'm seeing it as jealousy. She hasn't bothered to contact me and acted really cold toward me when I reached out. What do you think?


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  • She still hasn't gotten completely Over the Breakup, and with you sending her a 'Message at the beginning of the September month,' made it only worse with the change of season.
    Apparently you both are still on each other's Facebook and with you posting, you can expect a dig once in a blue moon.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think maybe you should delete her off Facebook. There's no reason to keep in contact with her really especially if she's acting like this.


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