Currently in the friend zone with my ex girlfriend, not sure what the best move is. Advice?

Here's the situation:

My ex and I have been broken up for ~3 months now. Considering I'm still in high school this break up was pretty much just over the summer so far. Before coming back to school, I started dating this one girl that goes to another school.

Once I came back to school she was being very friendly/flirty and was "leading me on". Since I broke up with her; I am not really into getting back together so it was more of just I guess me just observing if she has changed as a person... Well since I'm on the opposite end of the "fuckboy" spectrum, I was taken aback by the fact she had a crush on an asshole, and was completely humiliated by him and his group of friends. When I mean taken back, I sort of just lost all respect for her. After she "told" me this (to be honest I just wish I didn't know), I pointed out the fact that she was playing games with me and leading me on. Then she made the statement that she just wanted to be friends because I am an "amazing and incredible person" and "I'm fun to hang out with". At that moment I realized I am friendzoned with HER, which isn't where I want to be.

Now this is where the disconnect is. Being kind-hearted, I didn't want to flaunt or push in her face the fact I was dating someone, kissing someone else, and liked to be around someone else more than her. Honestly, I don't plan on doing that. But after she kind of just pushed this in my face I really don't know where I stand. I guess I'm asking whether or not I should tell her if I want to be friends or not. The reason I'm leaning towards not being friends is because if she does change, I'd still may want to ask her out again later.

Essentially I still have a bit of feelings for her, but I don't want to be friendzoned because it hurts hearing her guy encounters and I don't want the relationship door to close again.

I'll take any advice to be honest.


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  • the relationship door needs to become locked shut before it'll open again. you have to move forward to rediscover a new relationship with her.


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  • You gotta be friendly but not friends, avoid doing anything that a platonic guy friend would do. You feel bad that the other guy treats her like crap, that means you know too much. Once they determine they are not interested in you then the only way to go is a reset. You do that by getting out and then at some point when the situation has changed to your favor, you get back on. Easier said than done, but that's how you do it. You can always go for catching her on a rebound or try for her sympathy, or waiting her out, but that never works out for long cause she won't respect it when she gets her head back.


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