How can I tell him I'm done with him?

I met him Aug. 14 online. We started dating last Friday. I met his family already, he told me he was taking me serious. Last night he went to my job and we had sex. I decided to do a fake profile on that same website and I message him and he was flirting back he even asked the girl out for ice cream and he told her he wants something serious with her. So I decided to tell him that it was nice meeting him and his family. He called me and told me that what was going on? I told him I would call him back but when I called him back he didn't answer. How can I tell him that I know he is playing with me? I really was taking him serious and I was starting to like him but honestly this broke my heart and maybe it was my fault but what should I do?


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  • The fact that you lured him with a fake profile is weird indeed. You got issues darling. But he did play behind your back. Confess you are the one who did flirt with him and then dump him. And never to that again.


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  • Talk to him, whether it is face to face or even through text if you don't feel you want to face him down now. You have your not so sweet proof in the pudding that he is hooking and cooking with other girls online and you are not the only one he spends his time with.
    He is a free bird who never made anything Official and Actions speak louder than words. He should have even told you both to delete this online fling thing then.
    Perhaps he wanted to see First how it might work out but in the meantime, he is still out there in the call of the wild.
    Talk it out and see if a compromise can be made. However, being 'Online' one never really knows for sure unless he actually tells you you are the One and even then, life and love is still a gamble.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You have had ALREADY sex...
    He is offering this to EVERYone whomever he talks...
    He CAN think serious with ANYone...
    And you WERE starting to like him?
    Oh didn't you notice any illogical part above? All big lettered words are false unfortunately...

  • You can send him conversation you had through the fake profile as proof that he's cheating and you're unhinged. Then you should cut all contact with him and move on with your life.

  • Just try to contact him out of person, so you won't be attacked.

  • Stop all contact

    • You think if he cares he keep trying to contact me? Should I even answer if he does?

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    • You are very welcome

    • "Committed? what do you mean.. your making it seem that im cheating on you or something? but its cool thats on you" that's what he said.. What would I reply? I like him but I don't know now:( I told I was trying to stay committed to him but he wants to explore options and that that's why I don't let guys meet my parents because they end up not taking me serious

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