Does he still loves me?

So me and my (ex) boyfriend broke up 5 days ago and the reason is that I'm going to a different country. He said he can't handle an LDR and He said I have stressed him out because of my constant mood swings, drama, and impatience. Also, since we were just seeing each other four months. I was really devastated because he was my first boyfriend. I cried in front of him and he did cried a little too. He was comforting me and never left my side during that time. We haven't communicated since that day. Three days later, I saw a picture of him tagged by a girl on facebook. I went crazy and called him to ask but he explained that they were with other people that time. Also, I have known that lady and she's not that kond of girl since she really do love ger boyfriend and my ex did not get mad when I crazily approached him. Instead, he asked to meet me on Monday, when we were suppose to see each other on Saturday.. To make the long story short, he told me that we can just be friends and I asked him if does he still loves me and he said no, but he is mad to me that time.. Then I got mad but eventually, I accepted the reality that we are never going back together but we can still be friends. Then, I asked him if he likes somebody right now and he said he does but he is not planning to court her because it's not anything serious. I got a little jealous so I lied to him that there has been somebody comforting me and that guy will go with me to the country where i'm gonna transfer.. He then suddenly burst into tears and walked out from me. When he came back, he was bitter and refuses to talk to me and when I asked him what's wrong he won't respond. But before he told me that I can meet a better guy than him and when I confronted him about that, he said he didn't mean anything with that but he seemed to be serious when he did said so. I cannot understand him. I am comforting him and such but should I still see him? Cause I'm about to leave at the end of the month after all.


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  • No, he doesn't.

    • But wby will he act that way if he's not jealous on that giy?

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