Is he still in love with me?

I broke up with my boyfriend few days ago because i'm about to leave and he said that he was stressed out with our situations. Well, honestly I admit that I have terrible mood swings and impatience that pished him away from me. I asked him if he still loves me and he said no but he was so mad to me that time because I have been saying mean words to him. He alsonsaid that we can still be friends but when I "lied" to him that someone is comforting me right now and that guy will go with me when I leave, he burst into tears in front of me and walked out from me and when he came back he was ignoring me but earlier we were okay except when I mentioned that "comforting guy". I'm about to leave by the end of the month. Should I take an effort to see him? Cause I already accepted that we're not getting back together and I just wanna be friends with him without bitterness.


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  • Open lines of convo is most likely your best bet right now here, dear. Things get said in the heat of the night, and if you have had your own issues of 'Terrible mood swings,' talk to him about it and try and save your relationship before it is too late.
    However, if it isn't possible, perhaps a break right now, not so much a Breakup might help determine how you both feel in the end.
    Try and rectify this with this guy and see if you both can't either kiss and makeup or Agree to Disagree.
    Good luck. xx


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