Ways to seek revenge?

How can I get revenge on my best friend who basically lied to my face for 4 solid months and was screwing my boyfriend the whole time! I live with him and he and she have no clue I know yet. He has been getting more and more distant and I just figured it out. I need to do something to get back at them, they deserve something just as evil as they are to me. Please let me know what I can do to hurt them.


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  • Now your 100% sure there cheating? If your not 100% don't do anything but if you are make him think you 2 are gonna have sex get him into bed and the important thing is you need to handcuff him to something so he's stuck there. Don't tie him since he might be able to get loose. Than just keep playing like its gonna happen than when he's at his most content tell him your friend told you about the two of them and you know what he's been doing. Do not lose your cool you need to remain calm the whole time no matter how mad you want to get dont. He'll probably deny it at first but he should confess.

    Now you should prbably get his phone put it to his ear and have him blast this other girl right in front of you,dont talk to her just let him do it. Than get his stuff and pick 2 things at a time that he likes and have him tell you which one to wreck and if he doesn't you'll wreck both. Than when your done with that id take his keys and leave him cuffed and just go somewhere I wouldn't wreck his car in anyway but the whole time your gone he'll be stuck handcuffed their wondering what your doing to his car. dress him up and take pics, the important things to have fun and not go crazy with anger.


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  • I agree with sumina7, letting them have each other is probably the cruelest punishment you can inflict.

    Anyone who will cheat repeatedly over months probably gets off on the secrecy and/or the knowledge that someone else (you) is being victimized. Take those thrills away from them by 1) letting them know they've been discovered and 2) denying them the attention they crave. Once the secrecy is over, the fantasy falls apart and what are they left with? Two people who can't trust each other because each one knows the other is a liar and a cheat.

    I'd move out and not tell him about it. Just disappear one day - that'll f*** his ego up pretty good. Plan everything ahead of time and call on trustworthy friends or family for help if you can. As soon as it's too late for him to stop you, tell him flatly and undramatically you're moving out because he's f***ing someone he thought was your friend. That will really p*ss them off, btw. People who think they're players can't stand it when you downplay their dramatic attempts for attention.

    After that, forget him. Sucks to be in your situation, but doing well is the best revenge ;)

  • If it is true, let them have each other. That would be the best revenge!

    They will suffer their entire life (unless they break up) suspecting the other cheating.


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  • Well, she certainly is not your best friend. I had the same thing happen to me but unfortunately, I walked in on them both in the act (gross.) I can imagine how hurtful this is. There is nothing like being made a fool of by people you trusted and loved. I know doing something evil sounds good right now, but I agree with the people who answered that letting them know the truth is the best revenge. Will they feel bad they hurt you? Probably not...because if the cared about you, this would not be going on. She's a whore and he's a snake. They can have eachother. It won't last either.

  • LMAO. That whole handcuff thing sounds too funny.

    Make sure you get solid proof it's happening. If it really is, I'm really sorry to hear that. My version of revenge is more of a way to throw it in their faces that you know. If you can get a hold of a taped conversation or a video of them having sex, then play it in front of them. Have them both over and act all excited about what you're about to show them/make them listen to. And watch their faces drop when they realize you know. Then say something -- but keep it short. Something surprising to let them know that it's over. Tell him you stuck him with the rent and you already have a place to live. Take something very important away from him. Like his favorite shirt? tell him you burned it, give him the pieces. Take his credit card and go crazy with purchases (could backfire if he takes legal action). You could slash his tires and key his car. You could cut her hair off in her sleep (go out drinking and make sure she's wasted...stay over her place and bounce after you cut it...and cut contact from her completely after).

    Or you could take the higher road and walk away from them completely.


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