What song best describes your last heart ache?

What is your go to break up song? This is my upbeat one to keep me trucking along.

What are yours? I have a ton of sad ones but I prefer this kind lately.

This was my view point during the break up.



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  • I can't post links sadly but thats good for you because id bombard you :D
    Die Die My Darling by Metallica is my "get well" song lol

    • "get well" song. I like it.

    • But please don't think I am a metal head haha
      One of my "in love" songs is Sixpense None the Richer - Kiss me
      Have you heard Pink- True Love?

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  • It's not nearly as much as heartache, it's just kind of messing with me atm but I'll be fine..
    This song by Shakira describes it perfectly, but it's in Spanish
    Some of the lyrics are:
    "Tell me what you'll do after the first time you try out her body
    When your mischievous curiosity dies
    When you memorize all her nooks and crannies
    And decide again to come back,
    I won't be here in the same place

    If she only has a few inches worth of forehead
    And you find out she doesn't brush her teeth very well
    if she takes the little cents you have
    and later she leaves you alone just like you want,
    I know you'll come back the day
    in which she tears you down to pieces
    without pillows to cry on,
    but if you have decided
    and you don't want me anymore
    nothing now matters
    because without you,
    the world won't be the same to me..."

    Also: Gives You Hell-The All-American Rejects

    Oh, I WILL give him hell. -_-

    • I love shakira she puts her heart and emotions into every song

    • @iamyourneighbor So do I! and yes she does, especially in her older songs like this one :)

  • Thalia: Reencarnacion
    It's in Spanish but here are the lyrics in English:
    i have a question,
    when i feel your skin so close
    isn't it true that we have enjoyed in
    another life in the past? look,
    we have died of love so many times
    and we continue meeting ourselves again
    and now we must interests*(this sentence is wrong... sorry)
    i was the greek that loved you, when you were a dolphin
    the queen who ended up with her king because he was unfaithful
    or that slave that the santa inquisicion
    burned because of enchant of love your heart
    oh! ah! i dont want to fall in love anymore!
    because the fall hurts most (because after is all lie)
    i dont want to fell in love anymore!
    but i won't yield in your love (i will fight for this love)
    it's only love what u are looking for here
    in an spiritual way
    it's only love what u are coming to give here
    i look in your pupils
    and i cross a space without mancillas
    that were another times (years), another name and i think even another sex
    let's go to break the cirlcle of this story
    and be forever
    two lovers in the time
    i was the lady that fled with your horse
    or in prehistory, i covered you with my skin
    or the siren that enamored a vikingo
    and left his treason crying
    Oh, ah, no quiero enamorarme ya!
    Que la caída duele mas
    No quiero enamorarme ya!
    Pero no cederé en tu amor.

  • This is my potential break up song

  • I am more a drama-like person when it comes to break-up music. Mine was: Didn't mean it - Jasmine Villegas

  • The Script - Six Degrees of Seperation
    Never been in a relationship, but I have definitely experienced heartache. I was EXTREMELY infatuated with this guy for three years, nothing ever happened. There were a lot if mixed signals though. I wasted a lot of tears for this dude, after we both changed schools I had to get over him. Took me almost a year to completely move on. I used to be obsessed with The Script at that time too, so this song describes perfectly how it was for me.

  • A song long LONG time ago. xD
    Maybe one created in the 19th century. Haha

  • I have two phases. My wallow-in-grief-and-cry-my-heart-out songs are
    chasing cars- snow patrol
    stranger- katie costello
    make you feel my love- adele
    breathe me- sia
    my immortal- evanescence (i used to listen to this one on repeat when I was younger and suffering from major depression, along with breathe me, so i tend not to listen to these two as much anymore because it brings me back to those places)

    and then my bitch-I-don't-need-you-I'm-fucking-fabulous-regardless-of-what-you-think songs are
    try- colbie callait
    warrior- demi lovato
    love myself- hailee steinfield (this is my new fav song in general)

    i probably have more but that's all i can think of off the top of my head. when i was really fuckin depressed and shit i would fall asleep listening to one of the songs on the first list.

  • Any song that has I am stupid in it.

  • Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

  • Yellow rooms

  • slow dancing in a burning room- john mayer

  • You'll be in my heart- Phil Collins

  • Stay by sugarland

  • You - The Pretty Reckless.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIbcsFtcZZQ

    any song by him in general is good.


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