Why do guys always think it's OK to cheat on their girlfriend as long as she doesn't find out?

I have this friend who's boyfriend is cheating on her and he thinks it's OK to do it since she has know Idea he's doing it.


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  • Of course this depends on the personal ethics of the individual. Fact of the matter is, many men and women both cheat at some point during their relationship. So I think you're making an unfair generalization of one sex. Fact of the matter is, when it comes down to personality, men and women are often much more alike than different when taken as a whole.

    That being said, this guy sounds like a complete asshole, and for the most part unrepresentative of all males. So if you have valid proof that he's cheating on her, I'd let her know, and also let any other girls he's sleeping with know.

    • I wasn't trying to be unfair or generalization on one sex. I know women are just as likely to cheat on the boyfriends. Yes I have valid proof he's cheating on her cause it's with one of our other friends.

    • No worries. So yeah, that's a problem. I'm not really sure how you could defuse that situation without serious issues.

      And It's likely the guy's just a narcissistic jackass, so if you can find a way for them both to dump him, you'll have done some good for humanity.

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