I read about dumpers feeling bad when they dump someone, then why does mine make my life a living hell?

Complete hell, I've now gone NC again for the 4th in 2 years and still that thing rears its head up in my life to cause havoc with my emotions. Three questions I asked were Why? Can't you be civil to me? Will you leave me alone? Not content from hurting me when he dumped me he decided to rub my face in it as well, I've cut out all forms of communication with him so he can't contact me but he still manages to find a way. When he dumped me he told me he wanted to be loved, I loved him that wasn't good enough for him, I wasn't good enough for him, I was shattered, then comes back rubs in my face about everyone he's hooked up with. If he doesn't love or like me why doesn't he leave me alone? It takes months to recover from him messaging me and I mean months because the stuff he does is not normal and the things pyschos Do. What did I do wrong, if that's what happens for loving someone I doubt I will love again, Why me?


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  • Hate is another emotion that comes with it. He hates the fact that he wasted his time or whatever. Or he probably realized he had a bad experience with you and hates you for it because he gained nothing.

    • 2 years though, should leave me alone,

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