Ex still loves me?

SHi everyone,

So here's the issue...

My ex broke up with me last week in a way that hurt me so bad! Our relationship was full of love and affection and we never had a fight. We were almost 7 months together.
He said he doesn't want a relationship at the moment.

Anyway, he seemed to still care about me since he told me personally and comforted me when I cried and he had tears in his eyes himself (?). Later that night he called and texted me several times, worrying if I was home and in one of those texts he said that he still loved me but doesn't want a relationship at the moment?
After thinking it over, I tried to change his mind and fix the situation by texting him and telling him that I'd have done anything if he would've told me what was wrong... after 2 days of discussion he blocked me but excused himself later that evening and we had another discussion. The day after we met in public and he first ignored me but than decided to still talk to me so he came over. As I did not really respond (cause I was obviously still hurt) he wrote me if we could still talk normally in public.. So I said yes and tried to sound as happy as possible. 4 days passed, when he all of a sudden wrote me and asked how I was doing and sended me a "kissing-smiley" (:*). The day he wrote me, was the exact day when he broke up with me the week before...

So my questions:
What does that supposed to mean?
How should I respond to such messages in a way that i wouldn't sound needy? I really still love him (eventhough he has done all this things to me and would want him back, if he changed for the better)
Thanks for your help!


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  • If he's giving you conflicting messages then ask him what is going on. Either he wants you or he doesn't and he should stand by his decision then. When guys do this they are treating you like a toy that they can play with when it suits THEM and their needs. If you're not OK with being a guy's toy then stand your ground and ask him where you stand and if he still doesn't know then stop wasting your time on a guy doesn't know what he wants.

    If he truly loves you he'll want to be with you and make it work.

    • Thanks :) I just don't know when and how to start... hope I'll get a chance to talk to him

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  • I think you need to tell him to make his mind up either he wants you or he doesn't but these mixed signals aren't cool. I would tell him that if he doesn't want to be with me then he won't hear from me again and I will be dead to him. Make it final so you can move on one way or another but losing you forever is something I think scares him.

    Please rest assured though you are 18 and I remember the pain BFs could cause me at your age. If I knew then what I do now I probably would have laughed at them... you will meet some wonderful men in your life so dont worry about this one xx

    • Good point, thanks! :) Unfortunately I couldn't stand it either without keeping in touch (at least not at the moment) but till now it has been always him contacting me first in anyway possible.

    • I think you need to see he feels the same way and this is why it would hurt him so much if you disappeared...

      What is a week in the grand scheme of having him back? x

    • yeah I guess you're right! I hope he'll be "more precise" someday because I'm afraid to take any further step since I don't want to get hurt or disappointed again

  • don't respond.


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