Hanging out with ex! Opinions?

I'm hanging out with my ex again for the first time in 6 years. We started talking again maybe a month ago, and I'm hanging out with him again very soon. I have a boyfriend now, and I'm not going to cheat. I'm not like that. I tell him everything. The issue I'm having is, I catch myself wanting to talk to my ex a lot, and he's drunk texted me. I know, I know, it sounds like a disaster in the making. But i know my feelings will pass, I just wish I knew how he felt. Anyone can answer this question, but I'm curious as to what guys think. We lost our virginities to each other, we had a bad break up, he's drunk texted me since talking again, telling me he forgot how cute I was, and he did tell me he was mad at me for the longest time after we broke up. Should I just avoid him? I just don't want to think he has feelings for me. And I care for him, I just don't want to have sex or anything.(he seems like that kind of guy now) I'm kind of oblivious to this kind of stuff. My boyfriend tells me I'm just completely unaware when someone likes me. I know this post is all over the place, but anyone have any opinions?


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  • Yes, it is indeed a disaster in the making, irrespective of whatever justifications you may want to give. Also, it's pretty obvious you still feel for your ex. Make a choice. Either stay with your current boyfriend, or break up with him to be with your ex. No middle path here, like you are trying to follow.

    • Thank you! Really appreciate your response!

    • You're most welcome! I do understand that the entry of an ex always complicates the current relationship,. You should never have gotten to a point where you hang out with him. Anyway, you need to choose one of them now. If you break up with your current boyfriend, it's gonna hurt him, but if he finds out that you are hanging out with your ex, it's gonna hurt him a LOT more, and he would promptly dump you too.

      But if you'd rather stay with your current boyfriend, cut off ALL ties with your ex.

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  • Your boyfriend is right
    Your ex obviously wants sex and you are completely clueless to it
    If you have any self respect you wouldn't meet up with this guy after he drunk texted you

    • I do have self respect.
      I am clueless though to the flirtation aspect. I also don't drink.
      I just work all day, and do school so I am oblivious and blow it off when he texted me. Thanks for your reply!

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  • ... family fued
    "How to break up a good relationship? Number one answer on the board! Spending time with an ex!!!" (Bing!) (bing!)


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