What should I do FWB?

I have an friends with benefits with my coworker. Everyone including my family wants to know if were together.

My friends with benefits makes it VERY clear that there’s nothing going on saying "Its not like your my girlfriend or I have feelings for you. Just if you ever need help let me know” Or he would say “I’m offering to help you not because were in a relationship but because were friends and I like what I see in you” OR” If you sleep around use a rubber or if you have sex with another guy let me know”

When he said those things to me I was beyond shocked. I have never asked him to be with me nor have I asked me to date me. He brought that up just random. I care about him. I wanted to be with him at first but not anymore. Im thinking about ending it because I gain nothing from this.


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  • When you start feeling like this it's time to take a break from it at least. The things he is saying are reasonable in an friends with benefits relationship, but it seems like you were hoping it would develop into more, which isn't really friends with benefits, that's called dating.

    You can just take a break for a little while without explanation, nothing is owed. Or you can come clean and tell him you were having feelings for him and feel like you need to end it cause it's clear he doesn't feel the same way. There's a chance that he may take a look at you in a different light if you do that.


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  • your'e not boyfriend and girlfriend... he's right you're wrong.


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  • so you've known him a long time? don't do it then.


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