Girlfriend makes me miserable?

I would appreciate any and all help with this.

I've been in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for 4 weeks now and everything was going great at first and it was so perfect, we were so in love with each other it was crazy.

Then last week things took a turn for the worse, she started changing, all she has done to me over the past week is send me constant messages of how she wants to hurt herself and I know she has done it several times and it gets me so stressed because I can't help. She's frequently being so distant and stays in a constant mood 24/7, just one word answers and the only time this changes is when she goes back to complaining about hurting herself and wanting to be dead.

I myself have a past history of clinical depression and I have a feeling if this continues its going to drag me back down to the low point I was experiencing months ago, I love her too much to let her go but she makes me so miserable all the time and I don't know what to do anymore, I don't want to leave her as I'm deeply in love with her for all the right reasons, she's everything I've ever wanted, but the bad parts are starting to spoil it for me and I'm scare that she'll push me away enough and I'll find myself not caring anymore

if anyone could please weigh in and give me some good advice it would be greatly appreciated.

(I know she has started going to group counselling but she's just started so I can't say if it's helped or not)


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  • Honestly straight up tell her you hate how she's being and it's making you feel worse because you don't know how to help her.

    If I acted that way with my boyfriend he would dump me asap. Since he doesn't like to be around sad people all the time.

    Ask her what is up with her and what is bugging her so badly.


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