When do men want their exes back?

I should have specified if they do want them back how long does it take them to realize? And what makes them realize?


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  • Because thats what every single math problem in elementary has been preparing us for, to find X.


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  • It seems, almost never. Though one of my ex's is a bit stalkerish, years on.


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  • SOME men can't let their exes go
    Same goes for SOME girls

  • Well, because their exes are better than you.

  • Never, why would anyone want a crazy bitch back...

    • what if she wasn't a crazy bitch?

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    • It happened a few times in a year and six months and he always came back saying he was sorry he didn't mean it he has problems he is trying to deal with etc. We were planning a life and to move in. I miss him a lot. I haven't contacted him or anything other then in regards to my stuff which he says he'll give back but then doesn't. I thought this fight would blow over :( I have respect I dated two men that cheated on me and dumped their asses and I've removed unwanted/needed people from my life. He is different though. He is diagnosed with depression and other things so it's a different type of patience you need.

    • Keep telling yourself that. Good Luck.

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