How to stop thinking about my ex and his new girlfriend?

I get these flashbacks couple times a day and it's so annoying. I get the image of the two of them having sex or cuddling, like the two of us did for so long. I was really getting better after the breakup, no contact and all, but then I see it on facebook of a mutual friend and BAM! It's not even sadness it's like this sick feeling in my stomach. It's also a bit of a jealousy. I know it's none of my bussines and that he is free to do whatever he wants with who ever he wants, but still I can't get it out of my head. I feel lame because I didn't find anyone yet, I just wasn't ready. I am really busy and I do all the stuff I like, I was happy so far, but now I feel like the heartache is coming back. :( Shit this sux big time...

P. S. He was the one to end it, after 4 years together.


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  • Sorry hon! Its a crappy feeling, playing that mind movie over and over in your head. I always immersed myself in friends, activities, work... and oh yeah... I dated a lot. Every guy you meet doesn't have to be 'the one', enjoy yourself, keep it loose and easy, date more than one guy at a time, you don't need to make any committments.

    This is just how I did it... but it always worked for me.

    • Yeah I would really like to start dating! But there's not a lot of options, all the guys I would have fun with already have girlfriends, and others are just very unattractive (really hate to say it though).

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