Is it true that the best way of getting over a ex boyfriend or girlfriend.. is finding a new girlfriend/boyfriend?


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  • sometimes, yes. but not always. depends on the relationship you are getting out of. but moving on is really a good idea no matter what. not necessarily getting into another relationship, but at least being willing to move on. even if its just hook up with someone.

    • How do you get rid of the memories you share with your exs? that's my biggest struggle... I basically remember all the memories.. just the little things.. like I don't know how to explain but it seems like all relationships have their own little language.

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    • I hear a few people say.. in the future.. a lot of time they have ex's who end up being like their best best friends.. or almost like a sister/brother to them

    • Yea for some... just depends on the relationship...

  • I don't think that's true.


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