Hey kind of upset, could someone give me some advice about my ex? So frustrated?

hey, well basically me and my ex fell out about 3 months ago very bad and I said some nasty things and he blocked me on Facebook and we didn't speak at all. He recently unblocked me on Facebook and I was curious so I sent him a message asking why he unblocked me, anyway his privacy settings are very high and my message on Facebook has been marked as sent since yesterday and has not even delivered yet? He also has his privacy settings so that nobody can add him which is annoying :/ if he unblocked me from Facebook surely he would be open to speaking but it won't let me lol, any suggestions, should I keep waiting for the message to deliver or just delete it and pretend it never happened?


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  • Here's some advice of how to deal w/ your ex.


    Move, the fuck, on.


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  • Just find someone else

  • If he doesn't want to speak, don't bother. You said some things that he obviously to exception to


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