How to heal and forgive myself for being stupid?

Hello everyone,

I know this is probably not the right question... but I am hurting a lot after having made a terrible mistake. I was seeing a guy casually for a year (this is where trouble starts). Mind you, I never thought I would be THAT girl yet here I am.

Things were looking great, I met his family, he hinted that he was exclusive, he wanted to spend more time with me, go on a trip together, he was going to help me pick my new car...

And then he dropped the bomb on me that he has been seeing two other girls besides me since March (I figured he was not exclusive but getting confirmation hurt a lot) and one of them met his family too. I couldn't believe that I felt special all this time and that I actually believed we were going somewhere. I even felt betrayed by his family.

Here is where I told him that I was done with this... that it has been too long and I wanted us to be exclusive... AND here's where he said we should just end things now.

He obviously never cared. I'm obviously an idiot.

I had never been in a casual relationship before and now I never will again... but now besides the rejection I'm feeling like a HUGE idiot. And that's what hurts the most... how do I forgive myself from making this mistake?


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  • It takes time. Remember what an amazing person you are! It's perfectly ok to make mistakes, especially ones like these where you couldn't have known beforehand.
    Remember too that it's so ok to not be happy. It's part of being alive. You can make it through this!

    • Thank you for your kind words... I guess it's just hard because it was so sudden and I didn't get any closure. But you're right! This will be a lesson learned :)

  • Just get a new boyfriend and move on. If he didn't care that easily, you should be able to not care just as easily.


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