Breaking up over losing interest- How should I be reacting?

My boyfriend broke up with me because he lost interest in me. Our relationship lasted for over a year before it ended.

How should I be reacting to this?

(I haven't contacted him since)

I do want him back, but I don't want to appear desperate. What should I do?

I'd love to continue to hear more suggestions! If anyone has something to share, please do.

HE CAME BACK! I followed all of your steps, irishgal. Did not contact him at all and left no signs of wanting him back. Just like that, he came back by himself.


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  • nup, I disagree with that guy saying to forget it. if its a simple case of him losing interest, you are doing exactly the right thing. give him time to miss u. Leave it about 3 weeks since you broke up. Then get ur teeth whitened or get some highlights or put on some fake tan. something subtle that he won't be able to quite put his finger on (we all know how bad guys are at noticing highlights!) But don't do a bunch of things to yourself at once, its too obvious.

    Next, get dressed up with a couple of girlfriends and get them to take a really nice photo of you having fun with them. nothing over the top; the look on ur face should be one of a content, warm and relaxed girl. look right into the camera as if you are looking into his eyes. take a bunch of these photos until you have the winner. keep any guys out of this photo. just you and the girls, doing ok without him. post it on the internet where he can see it, or better still, get ur friends to post it under their account so it doesn't appear that you even know its there.

    you sound intelligent and switched on. express this in ur photo. make some subtle changes to ur appearance. guys don't move on very well from an ex who makes no contact, trust me. my ex is back on the scene trying to chat with me all the time cos I did what I'm saying. it worked fairly well, but I changed my mind about wanting him back cos he turned out to be a bit of an idiot. If your ex isn't intrigued I'd be very surprised, but I'd bet my balls that someone else will be.

    • Our anniversary is also coming up very soon. How do I react on that day?

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  • it's over.

    plain and simple.

    move on.


    you won't get him back.

  • How do you want to react to it? It's one of those things that are just neutral- I mean, if you're the type to cry- then cry... I'm the type of person to be a smart ass and over exaggerate things- you can only imagine how I would handle it.

    I think your doing the smart thing, I mean you guys are ex's because you lost interest- why try and fight for something that didn't work? You'd be postponing your life and fighting the inevitable.

    If you really want him back- give him a reason to follow you. Go out there and show him how fun you are and how willing to excel you are- but don't freely give it to him. Let him work for the ability to see you smile, but make it attainable.

    • We don't see each other anymore because we go to different colleges now, so it would be hard to "show" him my positive & confident side. I do try to appear "okay" by keeping it low about the break-up & not leaking out signs that I'm miserable without him on the internet.

      So your suggestion is that I work on myself, correct?

    • Exactly!

      For your issue about schooling, here's the catch 22. Right now- you are improving yourself for yourself, which is very attractive to others- your gaining maturity and depth going to school. Granted, you could approach him and try for a relationship, but doing so would add more to your plate and alternatively hurt your schooling (time to study).

      Give it some thought, but after a while you can always go back to an ex- just make sure to maintain your respect and don't ignore him.

    • In response to your anniversary, just be yourself- if you think about him let him know. If not, don't try to fake it or push the situation. If you have a gut feeling to get him a card or something, go for it! The thing about ex's and memories, is that the only time you "dont" want to act on anything is when you are in a relationship. Other than that - free game.

      So being as your single- it doesn't matter what you do, as long as your happy doing so.

  • if he lost interest in you do you think one day they will just reappear?

    chances of that are slim.

    move on.

    he doesn't want to be with you.

    • Wow you really don't want to accept it.


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    • Do you know what it means when someone says they lost interest in you?

    • They use to be interested, but they no longer are.

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  • Don't get him a card. Wait for him to come to you, but make sure he knows you are approachable and not angry. DON'T GET HIM A CARD! Don't say a word about the anniversary. If he remembers it, he'll be wondering if you have forgotten it. And that wondering will make him feel funny in a not so good way. And that feeling funny in a not good way will get him thinking; not the card.

    • No doubt he'll remember it.

      So basically, I shouldn't act until he makes the first move..correct?

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