My ex girlfriend just broke up with me last Monday, do you think there's a chance or no chance we get back together?

She broke up with me because of things like "we don't have the same mentalities" "we are at two different stages in our life" and things like that... she seems to really be enjoying the single life... and she swears that there's no chance we ever get back together.. even 5-10 years from now.. but said I was a good boyfriend... I feel like I'm almost moved on... but everyone says.. what she's saying probably isn't true and just how she feels at the moment.. it's weird because she still calls me sometimes and things like that... so i have no idea how she feels... but when we talk she swears she can''t see herself in a relationship... sometimes I think she's serious.. then other times I think she's playing mind games just to see how I react.

others have said.. that it's a good sign that she wanted to be friends


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks an X in one another's hearts, there is usually One that may want to have fun But... Still calls me sometimes.
    It sounds like she wants her cake and eat it two right now here, dear. She is this free bird who has launched herself Out in the wide open, having the time of her life with no strife, but sometimes, makes you a little piece of her person.
    She doesn't want to be in a Real Relationship right now, and Lord only knows if she ever will. She has openly told you about the chemistry and with this, she may find someone some time who she shares more with down the fine line.
    For now, focus on you only and lick your war wounds. In time, you may discover that you really don't Lover her and you can Begin a New Beguine, in which I Feel.. You deserve better.
    Good luck. xx

    • It honestly doesn't sound like I have a chance to get her back

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    • I feel like the reasons she broke up with me.. aren't the real reasons why... I think she just started realizing all of this, once she saw me being too clingy and stuff... like I 100 percent messed up the first time.. I didn't give her space to miss or think of me.

    • Yes, probably was the reason she started to feel caged in.. let her go for now, if she misses you she will be in touch. Whether for more in store or for friends, Lord only knows but You need to focus on you and don't expect too much. Many times when two people split, one usually is enjoying the free bird life and it is hard sometimes to go back into a relationship and with you trying, you just don't know what the out come will be or if you can trust her to do this again. xx

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  • This girl is fucking with your head, but maybe not intentionally. It doesn't matter what she wants. Getting back together is not a good idea and it almost never works the second time around. This isn't the end of the world.

    Go meet your next future ex!


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  • Ok, I don't think that people who dated can be friends, I just don't. Being with that person always brings up memories of being with them, like it or not, in your head, and it's not good. I have no idea why she's calling you. If I break up with a guy, I'm done with him, period. Maybe she is playing games with you.

    • It's weird, because when we have convos.. they are actually good convos.. about basically everything

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    • It's honestly weird.. cause at times.. I get a gut feeling that she still has feelings... but isn't ready for a relationship... I'm kind of glad she didn't promise me that we'll get back together eventually.. because there was this guy i heard of.. who's ex promised to get back together in the future.. and it's been a year and a half and they still aren't together.

    • Yeah just don't get your hopes up and stay open to other girls

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