Girl said she needed time alone because she was tired, cause for concern?

ok, my girlfriend told me that she needed time alone and some space, I told her if she wanted to leave just let me know, she told me I'm not leaving you, we've just been talking all night for a couple weeks. she then said I need to calm down, she loves me, and I'm her world and I need to stop thinking she's going to break up with me / leave me. Is this cause for concern? I tried to give her an out, I told her if she wants to leave, just let me know because I can't make her stay around. Then she said that stuff about I'll never leave you, I just need a little alone time, You're my world, to me? Like I've tried to give her her space before, because it feels like we talk a WHOLE lot, like nonstop for hours (I've got call logs on my phone for like 3 or 4 hours, several times a night) and I don't want us to get burnt out on conversation, but then she'll call me up a few hours later because she missed me? I'm just confused by her tactics. If someone could help I'd be pretty happy ☺.


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  • I mean, it's normal to go through periods in your relationship where you need to be together every second of the day. It's also normal to want to recover and reach out to the other people in your life after those periods. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. Just go with the flow for now.

  • Sounds confusing. Sounds like she's tired. And maybe she does wanna break up, but she don't wanna hurt you.


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