Did my new boyfriend believe his ex was pregnant? please read I'm so confused? Sorry it's long.. Is he a bad person?

I recently got with a guy, he had just left his ex 5 weeks before, he had been with her for 3 years, engaged to her, lived with her and brought her son up as his for 3 years, they had only just booked their wedding for next year before he left her. He just left her and treated her awfully, I mean she isn't perfect but I'm a mum myself he had nothing to do with her 5 year old he raised again after. A few days after they split he told me she was pregnant, he said she had tried to tell him the night before he left her but he was on nights at work and all she said was 'it isn't fair to tell you at work', then the next day he left her he then said that she was lying, and she wasn't pregnant and refused to talk to her, the next his exs dad came to his house to talk to his mum and dad and he stood and talked about the baby, he has also texted her a few times referring to the baby telling her 'he isn't sulking over the baby' and 'he dsnt want to see her let alone have a baby with her'. His whole family gave her such grief over it and even though she forcefully said she would prove it even offering to bring a test over he and them still ignored her and told her to 'get rid of it', his parents said it was best for her to aswell. He then said he would only believe it if he saw a scan pic she offered to get one for him to which he then said to her 'it would make no difference it's your problem now not mine' and went back on himself asking for one. He then went around saying she lied. He's never been in touch with her since and hasn't even fully seen proof either way or what she did, a friend of his contacted him saying she had had a termination and had been really poorly. I know she's my boyfriends ex but I feel sorry for her as she did offer to prove it. What I'm wondering is does it sound like he did believe her? And just ignored it and shut her out on purpose? I'm not sure I could live with a guy who did that to someone having his baby? what do people think?


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  • I think your boyfriend is a douche, based on what you put here and it seems like you think so too.

    • Do u think he believed her?
      And I guess he is yeah..

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    • Of course you are his rebound. He just got out of a long relationship that ended ugly. The question is whether or not the two of you can make it work. Slowing it down is a necessity for you.

    • He admitted to me they were trying for a baby earlier. . So he did just ditch her because things changed for him.. I can't see how he could do that

  • You're messed in the head. No wonder he left you.


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