Could this be a rebound?

My best buddy meet this girl he works with. She was in a relationship with another guy for 6months. When they started talking she was still with her boyfriend a week later my buddy and her were drunk texting each other she told him to take her on a date she was still dating this other guy the next she broke up with her boyfriend and started seeing my buddy. I told him to be careful that we might be a rebound. He told me that she could be his world one day. She recently told him after 4weeks seeing each other not exclusive she told him she see a future with him. She has been divorced only 6months before she meet the guy she broke up with. Could my buddy be a rebound he has fallen in love with her


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  • i think it is.


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  • No not necessarily... things happen for a reason. Maybe they just had too many arguments and such but if they found each other and feel a true hard connection then maybe it can be real


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