If you were divorced, would you go to a party at your ex's? Would you want your family to go?

Would you consider going to a party at your ex's house? How would you feel if your family wanted to go?
  • Divorced: I wouldn't go and wouldn't want my family to go
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  • Divorced: I wouldn't go but wouldn't care what my family chose
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  • Divorced: Why not?
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  • Not Divorced: I can answer but can't possibly understand why this question is being asked
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  • Just show me the answers
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  • I'm not married and not even in a relationship. But I would ONLY to hat party if I had kid (s) with my ex. Otherwise, no damn way!

  • An ex is an X for a reason. I definitely wouldn't go but maybe that's just me. Depends if the person changed or not.


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