What does it mean if I am afraid to come across my ex?

I am over him- I am sure. But there are moments like when I see a guy who looks like him or when I know he hanged out in an area and he might be there, I just feel uneasy and want to leave.

I broke up with him because he gave me no time and I didn't deserve to be treated so. It made me feel unimportant because I wasted a year in an unhealthy relationship in and out with a nonchallent man.

Why do you think I feel so?


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  • You just don't want to be reminded of the bad times I guess. Not sure how often you think that you don't want to come across him? If it happens on a daily basis, I don't think you are completely over him yet.

    • Not every day. Sometimes. I just don't know how my reaction will be of I come face to face with him.

      I am still single 8 months after him. There was s time I really had enough of all guys but now I feel ready for a new relationship. I feel lonely sometimes, so maybe it' s why I am thinking about it

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  • There might be so lingering feelings deep down. But i understand. Im the same way lol


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  • in my country we have this saying:
    'you're not over someone till you found someone else'

    i'm in same boat :(
    But i also think it's because whenever we feel lonely we keep reminding of this person we miss.

    • You are right girl. I do want to know another guy- I feel it's the right time. But I can't find this guy!

    • When you search for it you can't find it.

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