How can I get him back and to love me again like he did for the first time?

Hey. I need your opinions. I just broke up with my long distance relationship boyfriend yesterday. I know it's too soon to ask for further things. We live so far away from each other and we have only met 2 times in real life, about 2 weeks being together each meeting.

We dated for almost 9 months. We broke up because he's been feeling unsure about our relationship. According to him, our personalities doesn't match as we thought we could. And he had started to realize that this one past month, he's been giving me less attention, less love, and treated me in a different way than he did before. He said, the fact it hurts him so much to decide this, basically means he does love me but he knows that this isn't the love that he used to have for me. And he caught himself not doing anything to keep us going on too much. It hurts both of us so badly. He still care so much about me too. We had a break for about a week, because he needed time to think about his unsure feelings. But he didn't want me to wait for so long because it hurts him more and more to know that I'm waiting for his unsure feelings about us. So yesterday he decided for us to break up though he didn't directly mention the 'break-up'.

We agreed that we will still talking even if we are not together anymore, like as a friend. That if I ever need help, or want to share anything, I can talk to him anytime I want. I love him very much and I never expected this to really happen. But I know that it might be because of how possessive I am. I am quite an overly attached girlfriend and I am too clingy and needy while he is a kind of guy who prefer to have alone time sometimes. That might be the reason he has been feeling less for me I think though he said it's not because of that.

Is it possible to get him back? What is the best way to get him to love me again? Should I just talk to him like how we agreed or to not talk? I'll try to not make myself seems pathetic if I'd talk to him
P. S: His decision has nothing to do with the long distance that we are in
We talked over a phone call for an hour yesterday when we broke up, he cried so hard and apologizing for hurting me so much like this and he wants me to be treated way better than how he had been treating me this lately. He said he still love me too while crying. He's not the kind of guy who cries so easily. He cried when we first dated, when we said good bye after our meetings, and yesterday.


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  • Leave him alone and give him some time to miss you and he may realize that he really needs you. But even then you need a plan how the future will work, like who will move to the others location and when. In the mean time, I suggest you work on being less possessive and find happiness within yourself.

    • Thank you for your opinion! I will try - but how if he keeps contacting me soon like to know how I'm doing? Should I just react to him again but trying to not look desperate and very sad?

    • If he contacts you to see how you are doing, treat him like a friend. Let him know you are doing fine. Tell him about some new interests you are considering. Know that you have a lot of options in your life and you will thrive.

    • Thanks for your help, I will try my best to do so :D

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