Have you ever broken up or got broken up with a girl or guy.. and ended up getting back together?

If so, how long did it take? and was it worse or better than the first time.


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  • I decided to broke up with my boyfriend some months ago because I had been feeling less and less for him him.. But as soon as I realize that I wasn't with him anymore (took me about 3 weeks), it made me miss him even more and more so I decided to apologize and made it up with him and now I love my boyfriend more than ever.. The break up made my love stronger and made us treasure each other more.. It made us realize that we cannot survive without each other.. :)

    Whether it's worse or better, it depends on how we want to work on it.

    • did he stay your friend? or did he stop talking to you in the process?

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  • I got back with an ex a few weeks later but it was because i felt so guilty for hurting him, it lasted a few more months but i got back with him for the wrong reasons and i just had to break up with him again later and it ended much worse that time

    • I guess that is something.. I hope to avoid... I mean I really want my ex back... but I think she just wants to live the single life right now.. I'm not sure if she will ever get back together with me... but a lot of people say it's a good sign that she still wants to be friends

    • Maybe give her some space for a few weeks, cut back on talking to her to as little as possible, she needs to come to the decision by herself, the more you push to get back together the less she will want to. The less she talks to you the more she will miss you and realise what not having you in her life would be like.

  • I wish I knew. I'm asking the same question in my head. But what's your case if I may know?

    • I was with this girl for like 6 months... i thought we were doing good.. but i think i became a little too clingy.. so she broke up with me but used reasons like "i dont think we are at the same mentalities" or "we are at different stages" and like "i want to live the fun single life" but i feel like i pushed her to this... we broke up last Monday... we had a great connection... but im honestly starting to wonder if we will ever get back together... like it seems like she's completely over me and doesn't have any feelings left.

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    • the break up was clean.. and I don't think she was in love with me anymore.. but she said she still loves me... we talk here and there.. but I have to stop contacting her first.. last week she contacted me way more.. but i think this week i've been contacting her way too much

    • I guess you should give her some time. Just keep going on with your life, don't be sad all the time and try to do your hobbies and distract yourself with other stuffs. I'm trying the same too. Leave her alone for a bit, she might realize if she misses you. We just have to let time decides :)

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